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All reviews on my blog are honest, and based on my own personal experiences with a product.  Please keep in mind that everyone has different skin types, hair types, beauty concerns as well as personal preferences, so what works for me, may not always work in the same way for you.

If a blog post is sponsored [this means that a company has paid me to review or feature a specific product], I will clearly state this in the blog post. I only talk about products/restaurants/travel experiences that I have first-hand experienced. So you can be sure that you will not be reading some copy-pasted Trip Advisor post! If I collaborate with a guest on my blog, their experiences, thoughts and views will always be made clear to be their opinion. 

All images used on my blog are taken by me using a Canon EOS 200D camera, my GoPro Hero6 or my Samsung Galaxy S8+. From time to time I may use images that have been sent to me from a brand or the official brand images for particular reasons [for example: to show make up swatches on various skin types etc].  Although 99% of the photos on my blog are taken by me. Please note that using my photos/content without my permission is copyright theft. I am more than happy to share images and content though so if you would like to use anything, please pop me an email to let me know what you would like to use it for. If the reason matches the season [in other words, if it sounds like a good plan for everyone involved], then I would be more than happy to help out.

And most most importantly...Nothing I write is with the intent to offend or upset anyone who reads my blog.  As stated previously, all the content on my blog is purely MY opinion based on MY experiences. I do not appreciate nor tolerate haters and hateful abusive comments. Lastly, all pricing, content, links and info are correct at the time of posting. 

I will, however, not tolerate abusive comments.  All content, links and pricing are correct at the time that they are posted.

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